SCUBA Diving the Wrecks and Shores of Long Island, NY, by David Rosenthal
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SCUBA Diving the Wrecks and Shores
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372 pages of Northeast Diving Adventure  

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SCUBA DIVING IS THRIVING in the New York Area. The diving up here is much more challenging than warm water destinations due to our local conditions of cold temperatures, low visibility and currents.

Written for the diver, non-diver, and new diver this book draws the reader into the exciting world of Northeast Technical SCUBA Diving. The book opens with an 'Introduction to SCUBA Diving' that explains the equipment, local conditions and dangers of diving to those new to the sport. In addition to vivid descriptions of local diving adventures there are site maps, photos and other graphics to help tell the stories.

Consisting of over 70 true stories of local dives, the reader descends into Northeast Diving Adventure with the author, visiting numerous local shipwrecks, such as the USS San Diego and the ocean liner Oregon. Both wrecks are over 500 feet long and rest on the bottom of the Atlantic off of Long Island.

With their potential for variable visibility, tidal currents and cold temperatures off season, Long Island Shores are the undisputed training grounds for the best Northeast Divers. There is lots of information here too about popular shore sites such as Rockaway Beach 9 Street and the Ponquogue Bridge.

The stories chronicle the author's diving adventures and what it feels like to dive locally. THIS BOOK TAKES YOU DIVING...

Note to fans of website: I now realize what a great resource the website has been to local divers, especially new divers. I am revamping the site now to be a complete resource for local diving, complete with some excerpted stories from the new book. The book contains much more than was on the website with additional stories, site maps and graphics.


A site/equipment index allows the reader to also use the book to experience specific wrecks and sites. Let's say you have never dove the USS San Diego, a naval Armored Cruiser that sank in 1918 off of Fire Island. You can easily find all the stories about dives on her in order of increasing difficulty. Or you are considering getting an underwater scooter. You can locate all the stories where a scooter was an important part. Perhaps you want to understand how a reel helps keep a diver from getting lost inside a wreck or, what it's like to be entangled inside a wreck. Interested in finding out more of the dangers of technical decompression diving? It's all here in this book.

About the Author
Native New Yorker David Rosenthal has had a long-time love of history and the sea. Scuba Diving since 1999, he rapidly advanced to technical decompression diving and by 2008 had logged almost 500 local dives. David is an avid promoter of local diving, past President of the 30-year-old New York City Sea Gypsies dive club and contributes writings on diving to various publications. He is currently involved in projects cataloging large artifact collections and a survey of the changing state of the USS San Diego shipwreck. His inability to locate lost treasure in shipwrecks demands that he continue his day job as owner of a successful computer consulting business for over 23 years, CitySoft, Inc.


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